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Last Updated: 29th June 2014


Please contact Webby if you are a club member who wants to access the members website. Also please get in touch if you want to be added to the club mailing list.

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Westcott Archers team at the Diana Competition - thanks to Fiona Dakin for the picture

Classification Badges

Well haven't you lot started the season well! I have a bunch of classification badges to give out, but as I don't get to the club on the same days as most of you, I'll put your classification badges in envelopes with your names on and stick them to the notice boards. Please EVERYONE, if you are reading this, point the mentioned people to the boards and their envelopes. Many thanks. Badges for: Steve Cantrell, Ryan Cross, Fiona Dakin, Mike Lawson and Lynne Thorne.N


News and Recent Events

Amended Scoring for 252 awards

After the first attempt at the new 252 award badges some amendments have been made to the scores some classes have to achieve to be awarded the badges. The information can be found here.

Beginners Course

We will be running our next Beginners course from 17th September 2014. Please see the link on the left for more information.

Outdoor Handicaps and Classifications

Jan has provided an updated version of the Outdoor Handicaps and Classificaitons as you are all doing such a great job at the moment.

Up and coming!!!

Sunday 3rd August - Westcott Target Day - National Round - Outdoor Range

Tuesday 12th August - Committee Meeting - Sports & Social Club - All club members welcome

Sunday 17th August - Bucks County Championship

Sunday 7th September - Westcott Target Day - Western Round - Outdoor Range

Sunday 7th September - South Wilts AC - The 100 Years War Shoot

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st September - National Championships

Sunday 19th October - SVYF - 36 Mixed 3D's and Big Game

Sunday 8th November - Clophill Archery Club - Record Status 20th Open Junior Portsmouth

For more dates please see our calendar!

2014 NFAS Westcott Shoots

As I'm sure most of you will appreciate, running field shoots, either Indoor or Outdoor takes a lot of planning, effort and time to put on. John and Hugh, to whom we are very grateful for their years of work, have decided they have had enough so, unfortunately, we will not be running any other NFAS field shoots until some volunteers can be found to take over the reigns. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.